If you have a small crack in your windshield, it may be able to be repaired by filling it in with resin. Unfortunately, not every crack can be repaired or should be. If the crack is splitting off in multiple directions, a repair may not hold. If the crack impairs your line of sight, it should not be repaired. And if the crack is along the edge of the windshield, you do not want to repair it; you should replace it. Here are a few reasons why Only 1 Auto Glass recommends replacing the windshield if you have a chip along the edge of the windshield:


There are two things that hold your windshield in place, adhesive, and trim. You have trim along the edges of the windshield that helps hold it in place, along with adhesive that helps to keep the windshield from shifting along the trim. A windshield is cut to ensure it properly fits in the gaps and spaces along the trim. This helps to keep it from bouncing around and helps to keep it secure.

When you have a crack along the edge of the windshield, the crack can grow and small pieces of the windshield can begin to break off along the edge. As this occurs, your windshield gets a tiny bit smaller and no longer fits in the trim as it should. Ultimately, this can cause the windshield to bounce around. As this happens, even more of the glass can begin to break off. Eventually, your windshield vibrates and moves as you drive.

The problem with having a windshield that moves or vibrates is that it’s not structurally sound. If you were to get into an accident, you’d want a windshield that is strong and durable. This helps to support the weight of the roof of your car in a rollover accident and helps minimize the chances of the windshield shattering during an car accident. If the windshield is not structurally sound, both of these things can occur, depending on the type of accident, which can cause more damage to yourself and the occupants inside of the car. Because your windshield plays such an important role it the structure of your car, it is strongly recommended that windshield cracks along the edges not be repaired to ensure your windshield remains strong.


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