There are a number of ways that you can get chips in your auto glass. The most common way is a rock flying up and hitting your windshield. But kids may also be playing with toys and hit your car or a stray bb pellet from a bb gun may hit your window. Regardless of how it got there, you may find yourself wondering if this new chip in the glass can be repaired. Here are a few of the factors that you need to take into account when determining whether a chip in auto glass can be repaired.


The Depth of the Chip

The majority of windshields and rear car windows are made from at least two panes of glass. If there is a chip in the glass, it can only be repaired if the chip pierces on of the panes. If the chip goes through and has affected both panes of glass, the chip cannot be repaired. This is because the resin that is injected into a chip cannot reach all the way through both panes and it affects the structural stability of the glass when both panes are affected.


The Size of the Chip

Another factor that is considered when determining whether a windshield crack can be repaired or not is the size of the chip. If the chip is the size of a quarter or smaller, it can be repaired and it will likely hold. If it is the size of a silver dollar, it may or may not hold. If it is any larger, it is not recommended that the chip be filled. It likely won't hold and it will affect the strength of the windshield.


The Location of the Chip

When a chip is filled, the glass does not become perfect again. You can still see the imperfection where the chip was. As such, if the chip is on your windshield or rear window, and affects your line of vision, the glass should be replaced, rather than filling the chip.


If There are Cracks Coming Off of the Chip

Lastly, not all chips are clean. Some chips have small cracks that come off of the chip. This creates the appearance of spider legs, firework blasts or tree branches. If you have a chip that has cracks coming off of it, it likely cannot be filled and the glass will need to be replaced.


Not every chip or crack is the same. As such, if you have a chip or crack in your windshield and you are wondering if it can be repaired, you should let a professional help. At Only 1 Auto Glass in St. Paul, we can examine the chip or crack and then determine if it can be repaired or whether your auto glass needed to be replaced. Bring your car down for us to look at today!