A rock hitting your windshield can lead to a variety of cracks, breaks, chips and more. The impact of the rock can also be in the shape of a star or asterisk impression, a spider web or a bull's eye or target mark. If you have a mark on your windshield that is in the shape of a star, you may find yourself wondering if this type of mark can be repaired or if your entire windshield needs to be replaced. Here is some information you will want to know:


Can a Star Chip Be Repaired?

As a general rule of thumb, most star cracks or chips can be repaired on a windshield. However, not every single star crack or chip can be repaired. This is because there are other factors, aside from the shape of the chip or crack, that a technician must look at when determining whether or not to repair a chip in a windshield.


When Can a Star Chip Not Be Repaired?

Star chips are most likely to be successfully repaired when they are the size of a quarter or smaller. However, if they are a tiny bit larger, they can still be repaired, but the repair may not hold. If they are the size of a silver dollar, most places will not repair them and will instead recommend replacing the windshield.


Another reason a star chip may not be able to be repaired is that it cracked both panes of glass on your windshield. Most windshields are made from double pane glass. And most chips or cracks affect the outermost layer. If you can feel the chip or crack on the inside of your car, the chip likely affects both panes of glass and cannot be repaired under any circumstances. If both panes of glass are damaged, the windshield must be replaced.


Does it Cost More to Repair a Star Chip in a Windshield?

It should not cost you more to repair a star chip compared to a crack or clean chip on your windshield. This is because the repair process is the same, regardless of the shape of the crack or chip. As such, if money is a factor in your decision to repair the windshield, you do not need to take into account the type or shape of the crack or chip, as this should not affect the price you are quoted.


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