When your windshield has a crack or chip in it, you will want to have the chip or cracked filled to stop it from growing larger. If it grows larger, you may need to have your entire windshield replaced. Unfortunately, not every glass repair works. Sometimes there is no explanation as to why it didn't work. It is just one of those things that occasionally happens. Other times, there is a reason why the repair failed. Here are some of the common reasons why an auto glass repair may fail to prevent the crack or chip from spreading.


The Chip or Crack Has Too Much Dirt or Dust In It

If there is dirt or dust in the chip or crack, it can prevent the resin from fully adhering to the chip or crack and bonding. There is no way to remove dirt or dust from a chip or crack, as moisture can also cause these issues. Having a chip or cracked filled promptly can prevent a lot of dirt and dust from building up in the crack. If you cannot have the chip or cracked repaired quickly, place a piece of clear packing tape over the crack to prevent dirt and dust from building up.


The Resin Did Not Properly Cure

Another reason why the auto glass repair may not work is that the resin didn't cure, or harden, properly. It is typically recommended that you keep your car out of the rain, extreme temperatures and off the road for about an hour after the repair was done. However, in some cases, the time frame may be longer. This is especially true in colder weather, as it can take resin longer to cure in such situations. Always follow the advice of the repair company and don't attempt to use your car or take it out of the garage too soon.


Repairing the Crack or Chip Was Questionable

The last reason why a repair may not work is that the repair was questionable, to begin with. Clean cracks and chips often repair the best. However, if your chip has a bull's eye pattern to it or the chip has small cracks extending from it, the repair is more complex and may not hold. A great repair company will let you know the pros and cons of the repair and tell you that it may not hold, but give you the option of deciding whether to repair or replace it. If you decide to repair it, there is some risk that the crack or chip will continue to spread.


When you have a chip or crack in your auto glass, let Only 1 Auto Glass repair the crack for you. Our trained technicians use industry standard resin and curing techniques to help minimize the chances of a repair failing. Give us a call today to schedule your repair appointment.