Windshield cracks are not all that uncommon. They are typically caused when a rock or piece of gravel flies up from the roadway or off a truck and hits your car's windshield while you are driving. Having the crack filled is extremely important. It helps to prevent the crack from growing larger as your car vibrates due to rocky roads or potholes. However, life happens, and sometimes people do not get their cracks or chips filled quickly. But with temperatures increasing and summer almost upon us, it is important to have your crack repaired soon.


When the temperatures increase, the glass on your windshield begins to heat up. As it does, the molecules naturally begin to expand. The amount of expansion is minor and not something the average person is going to see with their eyes. However, as the glass molecules expand, the crack or chip in your windshield slowly but surely begins to expand. This typically happens slowly. Every day, it expands a tiny bit more and a tiny bit more. Within a few weeks, that small chip or crack may be noticeably larger. By the end of summer, it may be significantly larger.


Filling the crack in before summer hits helps to prevent the chip or crack from expanding due to heat. If you wait too long, your crack or chip may become too large, and may no longer be eligible to be repaired. This is significant, as replacing the windshield on your car can be, on average, three to four times more expensive than repairing a chip or crack in your windshield. And if you have a car with a larger windshield, such as a truck or SUV, the auto glass replacement costs are even more significant.


If you do have a crack or chip and are unable to get it repaired before the temperatures begin to increase, you can attempt to slow the size of the crack from increasing by parking your car in a garage or the shade. Keeping the car out of the sun can help minimize the crack from spreading, which may help to prevent the crack or chip from getting larger until you have the time or money to get it repaired.


Do you have a crack in your windshield that you are trying to get repaired before summer hits? Then bring your car to Only 1 Auto Glass in St. Paul, MN. Our professional and friendly staff can take a look at your crack or chip and determine how to best solve the problem. A crack or chip can be repaired in less than an hour, preventing it from spreading. Call us today to set up an appointment or get an estimate.