Windshields can be recycled. If you’re about to get a windshield repair job, or if you’re scrapping your glass after auto glass installers get to work, consider recycling it. In the last 20 years, technology has made windshield glass recycling possible. Not only is it possible, it’s pretty easy to do.


How Does Glass Recycling Work?


Windshield glass recycling is important, as a windshield itself is crafted from two glass layers. These layers are particularly useful in remade glass materials, which is why many auto glass companies have started their own windshield glass recycling programs. When windshield glass is recycled, it’s separated from its plastic membrane—called PVB. It’s then pulverized into clean, reusable glass.


Where Can You Recycle the Glass?


Ask your provider about their auto glass recycling program, if they have one. Or, ask for the removed glass once your new windshield is installed. If you’re serious about recycling it, your provider may be able to pack it down into a transportable size. Then, simply bring it to your local landfill’s recycling center and send it in. If you can’t make it to a landfill, use your local recycling bin.


Who Uses Recycled Window Glass?


Companies which make fiberglass frequently take window glass from car windows and windshields. Often, broken glass is combined with concrete. This mixture is incredibly useful, and it’s even used to make decorative flooring, countertops and reflective yellow road paint.


If You Can’t Recycle Your Glass, Check Here


In some communities, curbside programs don’t accept windshield glass. If this happens, use a  recycle search tool. Conduct an online search, find the nearest location which accepts auto glass, and bring in your windshield.


If possible, avoid removing the windshield glass yourself. Your vehicle’s aluminum window and windshield frames may be sharp, and you can injure yourself when attempting to conduct the DIY project. Again, ask your provider for assistance.


Why Should You Recycle Auto Glass?


Today, glass is one of the world’s most adaptable substances. A recycled windshield is incredibly useful to others, as it can be recycled into bottles, vases, bowls and more. It’s simply healthy for the environment. While recycled glass can be used for a number of artistic creations, like mosaics, it’s also useful to home improvement companies. Many household surfaces can be created from recycled auto glass, and today’s homeowners frequently prioritize these “green” options over wasteful alternatives.


As auto companies continue enabling recycle programs, auto owners are coming in with usable windshields. Your provider may offer their recycling options up front, but you should still ask. Take care of the environment, and don’t send your glass straight to a landfill.