Car Window Care TipsOne of the things you probably want to avoid for the longest time possible is the need to have auto glass repair done on your vehicle’s windows. In order for you to get the most out of your car’s windows, you need to take care of these too. Taking care means more than just cleaning your car windows, it also means proper care and the use of the right products, as well as procedures for cleaning.

Car window care can indeed help prevent the need for auto glass repair or auto glass replacement, but you have to keep in mind that proper care and not just the mere wiping and cleaning of windows is needed. Here are some of the things you need to do, and a few things you need to avoid, in order to make your car windows last as long as they should in the good condition they are in right now:

Choose the right cleaning agents for your car windows. – Find a good quality glass cleaner for your car windows, specifically avoiding those that have ammonia in them. This is because, while these can indeed help clean the glass of your car, it can damage the other parts of your vehicle as well. Choose one that comes in a sprayer for easier use.

If you want to make your own non-commercial glass cleaner, mix together a cup of warm water, a cup of alcohol and a tablespoon of vinegar. Put this in a spray bottle as well. You will also need to choose the right cloths for wiping the glass off. Find a glass-cleaning microfiber cloth or towel for this job. Other types of cloth, like rags, old shirts, or bath towels, can cause streaks or scratches to appear on the glass.

Do not slam your doors when closing. – While this is not a cleaning tip, this is still a car window care tip. Slamming car doors will always lead to the unnecessary vibration of your car’s windows and windshields, which can lead to the creation of problems like cracks and chips. This can also lead to problems like the loosening of your car windows and the misalignment of the same. Simply pushing doors closed with a little pressure will do.

When cleaning your car windows, follow a specific order. – Always start your car window cleaning with the driver’s side door, then follow with the front passenger’s side door. Continue with the windows in the back in any order you choose. Start by rolling the windows down a couple of inches, and cleaning the top parts of these windows, as well as the edges, with your window cleaning solution and wiping cloth. Roll the windows back up after this step and clean the rest of the glass after. You should also start by cleaning the outside parts of these windows before paying any attention to the inside.

Do not expose your windows (and your windshield) unnecessarily to the rays and heat of the sun. – It is general knowledge that heat can warp glass, and as such, this can cause damage to your windows and windshield. To avoid the need for auto glass repair brought about by such an occurrence, try to park your vehicle in shaded areas that help protect your car’s windows and windshields from the heat and UV rays of the sun. You should also consider parking your vehicle inside parking garages and other covered parking slots not just to protect it from the possible damage that your glass can get from heat, but also from possible hailstorms.