The most common way that your windshield winds up with a chip or crack is because of a flying rock or piece of gravel that slams into your windshield on the roadway. When this occurs, you will want to get the crack or chip filled in with resin to prevent it from expanding. A chip or crack that expands can impede your ability to see out the windshield and weaken the structural integrity of the glass. However. you may find yourself wondering if car insurance covers the windshield crack repair costs. Here is some information you will want to know.

The Repair Costs are Typically Cheaper Than Your Deductible

Your car insurance policy will cover the costs to repair your windshield if a chip or crack develops in it. However, windshield repair is often cheaper than the deductible for your car. Most cracks or repairs can be filled with resin for less than a $100. Most car insurance deductibles range from $250 to $500. As such, it does not make sense to file an insurance claim when you will have to cover the entire repair cost yourself because of the deductible.

However, it is important to note that many windshield replacements cost a few hundred dollars. Therefore, if your windshield was substantially damaged and a simple repair is not possible, it may make sense to file an insurance claim for the cost of your windshield replacement and installation, if you have a low deductible. But be aware that if you file a claim, your insurance costs can increase. Therefore you have to carefully consider the cost savings of filing a claim versus the increase that can occur in the future if you do so.

Many Insurance Companies Offer Free or Reduced Chip Repairs

While it may not make sense to file a claim for chip or crack repairs due to the low cost of the repair, it is always wise to check with your auto insurer before you have the chip or crack repaired. Many insurance companies offer free repairs or discounted repairs. For example, Progressive offers free chip or crack repairs to all of their auto insurance customers. And AAA offers discounts for windshield chip and crack repair. Take the time to call the customer service line and ask if they offer any discounts for auto glass repairs for your vehicle.

When a rock comes flying at your windshield, you will want to have the crack repaired as quickly as possible. In St. Paul, Minnesota, Only 1 Auto Glass can get you in and make the repairs quickly. Call us now to schedule an appointment or to receive a free estimate.