When a rock flies up and hits your windshield, it is important to have the chip filled as quickly as possible. However, due to normal life, it may realistically take you a few days to get into a repair shop and have the chip filled. During this time, dirt can infiltrate the chip, causing additional problems. Here is everything you need to know about keeping dirt out of windshield cracks. 

Why Is it important to Keep Dirt Out of a Windshield Chip?

When dirt becomes embedded in a windshield chip or crack, there is no way to remove it. It becomes stuck or trapped against or in the glass. Unfortunately, this can cause the resin that is injected into the chip or crack not to hold as effectively as it should as the resin is designed to adhere and stick to glass. All in all, this means that your windshield repair may not be successful. The resin may not hold and the chip can begin to crack. If this occurs, your windshield will need to be replaced. 

How Can I Keep Dirt Out of My Windshield Chip?

There are a few different things that you can do to keep dirt out of a windshield chip. The first is to cover the chip with a piece of clear packing tape. Do not use duct tape to complete this task. It can leave residue behind that can affect the ability of the resin to adhere properly in the chip. And do not use scotch tape or brown packing tape as both will not protect moisture from entering the chip.

The second thing you can do to keep dirt out of a windshield is not to use your windshield wipers, if possible. When you use the wipers, they can spread dirt and residue directly over the chip or crack. The chip or crack can then become a catch-all for that dirt and debris, causing big problems.

The last tip for keeping dirt out of a windshield crack or chip is to get the damaged area repaired quickly. The sooner you can have the repair made, the less exposed that chip or crack is to dirt, dust and other road debris.

If you have a chip in your windshield, you will want to have it repaired as quickly as possible. This helps to keep dirt out, while also ensuring the chip does not begin to crack. If you need vehicle glass repair or replacement in the St. Paul, MN. area, contact Only 1 Auto Glass today.