When you are looking for an auto glass repair shop to repair your auto glass, you will find that companies use a variety of techniques to obtain the glass. Some companies buy the auto glass directly from the manufacturer. Some companies buy auto glass from third parties who manufacture it and other companies manufacture their own auto glass. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of obtaining the glass. Taking the time to learn about some of these pros and cons and getting answers to the questions you have will help you decide which is right for your auto glass needs. Here are a few of the questions you may have about using a company that manufacturers their own auto glass and the answers.

Why Would a Company Manufacture Their Own Glass?

A company that manufacturers their own auto glass takes large sheets of glass and cuts, shapes and whittles it down to size. They do not buy glass directly from the manufacturer, such as Honda or Ford. Instead, they choose to make it themselves, in their own warehouse or repair shop.

What Are the Benefits of a Company Manufacturing Their Own Glass?

If you own an older car, you may have trouble finding the glass you need, especially if the manufacturer no longer makes it. In these cases, finding a company that manufacturers their own can be beneficial. Additionally, some companies charge a lot for glass directly from the manufacturer. Finding a company that manufactures it themselves can sometimes be cheaper, depending on the circumstances.

What Are the Drawbacks of a Company Manufacturing Their Own Glass?

When you buy glass from the manufacturer of your car, you are buying glass that the manufacturer has ensured will work with all of the components in your car. It will fit perfectly and is the optimal weight based on the weight of parts of your car and your car's aero dynamical design. When you buy from a company that manufacturers their own glass, the glass may be ok, but may not fully support the weight of the roof in an accident or work to improve gas efficiency through the company's specific design.

When you are in need of auto glass replacement, Only 1 Auto Glass in St. Paul, MN would love to assist you. Depending on the type of glass you have and how hard it is to find, we can either buy manufacturer's glass for your car or manufacture our own to specially fit your vehicle. Give us a call today to get started and be on your way to having the glass replaced in your car.