There are plenty of differences between fuel-powered and electricity-powered vehicles. It makes sense then, that there might be a few differences between the auto glass repair or replacement process for each vehicle type.


What kind of differences are we referring to? Read on to learn how auto glass service differs between conventional and electric vehicles.


Auto Glass Service Tends to Be Pricier for Electric Vehicles

The most prevalent difference between auto glass repair or replacement for conventional and electric vehicles (EVs) is the cost of service. That said, it’s tough to say how much more you’re likely to pay for EV auto glass service without knowing the make and model of vehicle you own and the type of embedded technology your auto glass has.


If you need a windshield replacement for an EV that features advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), you’ll need to have the windshield’s sensors and other technology recalibrated after the new glass is installed. This service, which is called ADAS recalibration, will add an additional expense to your service bill.


Electric Vehicle Replacement Windshields Are Expensive

Generally speaking, replacement auto glass for electric vehicles costs significantly more than that for conventional, fuel-powered vehicles. If you own a Tesla, you can expect to pay at least $500 for the glass itself, and that accounts for only a portion of your total windshield replacement cost.


OEM replacement glass for other types of electric vehicles also tends to be pricy, simply because EVs have advanced technology embedded in their windshields.


Electric Vehicle Auto Glass Repairs Can Be Tricky

When any windshield suffers a crack or chip, the location and size of the damage are what determine whether the glass can be repaired. The same idea applies to electric vehicles, but there are more restrictions surrounding a chip’s or crack’s eligibility for repair.


With a conventional vehicle, if the damage is not in the driver’s line of sight and the chip or crack isn’t too large, it’s typically eligible for repair. But with an EV, the location of the damage can make even a minor chip or crack ineligible for repair.


When there’s auto glass damage proximal to an embedded sensor in an EVs windshield or other windows, that damage typically cannot be repaired because a repair may interfere with the sensor’s functionality. And if the embedded windshield technology won’t work properly after the repair, the vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems won’t work properly either.


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