There are many different companies out there that can help you with auto glass repair and replacement needs. But this can leave you wondering how you know which company to go with. After all, they all can't be the same, right? Here are a few factors that you should pay close attention to as you look to hire an auto glass repair and replacement company to help with your auto glass needs.

If the Company Will Work With Your Insurance

Replacing a windshield or car window can be pricey. In some situations, your insurance will pay for the replacement. If you are planning on using your insurance to fix your windshield, always find an auto glass repair shop that will work with your insurance company. Not every repair shop will, so this is important to ask from the beginning.

What Experience the Auto Glass Repair Shop Has With Your Type of Vehicle

Another important factor to keep in mind when you are looking to hire an auto glass installer is whether they have experience working with your type of vehicle. It may not be obvious, but the installation process for auto glass varies for different cars. The type of glass and how it is installed is not the same. As such, you want to try to find an installer who has experience working with the make and model of vehicle you own. Also, ask the company if they use factory certified glass for your vehicle or aftermarket glass.

If the Auto Glass Installers are Mobile or Have a Physical Shop

The last factor you want to keep in mind when selecting an auto glass installer is whether they are mobile installer, whether they have a physical repair shop or both. A mobile installer can come to your home or work and repair the windshield while you go about your other business. With a physical shop, you bring the car to them and they repair or replace the glass in their garage. There are pros and cons to both so do your research so you know which is the better option for you. Once you have decided, find an auto glass installer who has either a mobile or physical shop, based on your preferences.

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