Dealing with a rear windshield that’s damaged beyond repair? Then you’re probably wondering how much a rear windshield replacement is likely to cost you. Unfortunately, that’s a tough question to answer since rear window glass replacement costs depend on a variety of factors and they’re different for every vehicle.


Which factors might influence the overall cost of your rear windshield replacement? Read on to find out.


Glass Cleanup

Your rear windshield is made of tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into very small pieces when it breaks. If your rear window shattered when it was damaged, the auto glass replacement technicians will likely need to perform a thorough cleaning to make sure there are no residual shards of glass inside the back of your vehicle. This extra service may incur an additional charge.


Make and Model of Your Vehicle

The make and model of vehicle you own plays a central role in determining the price of your rear windshield replacement. Some high-end, luxury vehicles require very specific types of replacement glass that are only available through the original manufacturer. If your vehicle falls into that category, you could end up paying two to three times more for your auto glass replacement than a vehicle owner who doesn’t need luxury replacement glass. 


Rear Windshield Embedded Defrost Mechanism

Most rear windshields have an embedded defrost grid that may increase the price of getting a back glass replacement. Since that grid features delicate connections that must be carefully re-attached to the vehicle, the additional labor required to complete the job will most likely incur additional service charges.


Advanced Driver Safety System Calibration

If you own a late-model vehicle, there’s a good chance it came with advanced driver safety system (ADAS) features. Those features rely on sensors placed throughout your vehicle, some of which may be embedded in the rear windshield. To function properly, those sensors must be recalibrated when you get a rear windshield replacement, and that service will incur additional labor charges.


Auto Insurance Coverage and Deductible

If your auto insurance policy covers rear windshield replacement, you’ll pay much less for the service than you would if you didn’t have insurance. But your deductible will also play a role in determining your overall cost. Keep in mind, too, that if you have a fairly high deductible (over $500) it may not even be worth it to use your insurance to cover auto glass replacement. Since average rear window replacement costs range from about $200 to $500, it might make sense to pay out of pocket.


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