Would you be able to recognize a sandblasted windshield if you have one? If not, you’re definitely not alone. Most drivers aren’t aware they have a sandblasted windshield even when it’s staring them right in the face. And if you’re one of those drivers, you should know that driving with this type of auto glass damage is hazardous.


What exactly is a sandblasted windshield and how should you handle this form of damage if your windshield has it? Read on to find out.


What Is a Sandblasted Windshield?

A sandblasted windshield refers to a windshield that has suffered damage from repeated contact with tiny, abrasive particles. The particles aren’t large enough to chip or crack the glass, but they are large enough to create multiple tiny divots in the glass over time. These divots may not be super noticeable, but they can certainly affect the driver’s ability to see clearly on the road.


Given their ability to negatively impact visibility, these tiny pits in a windshield must be corrected. Without windshield replacement or repair, they can present a potentially significant safety threat.


How Does Sandblasting Occur?

Sandblasting is almost always the result of following other drivers too closely. All vehicle tires kick up sand, dirt, pebbles, and other road debris while they’re moving, and when you follow another driver too closely, their tires can propel those objects at your windshield.


When that debris makes contact with the glass, it can create tiny pits, and when this occurs repeatedly over time, the accumulated pitting may become quite noticeable. Depending on its severity, the pitting may even refract or magnify sunlight, which can make it very difficult to see while driving.


Is a Sandblasted Windshield Eligible for Auto Glass Repair?

If the pitting isn’t severe, a sandblasted windshield is usually eligible for auto glass repair. However, if the pits are deep or very close to one another and may spread, resulting in more significant damage, a windshield replacement may be necessary.


If you have a sandblasted windshield, the only way to determine whether it requires windshield repairs or a complete windshield replacement is to consult with an auto glass repair specialist.


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