There is a lot of information out there about replacing the windshield of your car. However, your windshield is not the only piece of glass on your car that can break. The windows on the car can break if a ball is thrown at them, if someone attempts to break into your car, during a car accident or if shot out by something like a pellet gun. If this happens to you, you may find yourself wondering how car windows are replaced. Here are the steps that are followed when replacing a window on your car.

1. Removing the Door Panel

In order to replace the glass window in your car, the affected windows' door panel is removed. This is the only way a technician can remove all of the glass and install a new slab.This involves disconnecting any wiring that connects your door to the car and can be a big process in and of itself.

2. Removing Glass

Once the door panel is removed, all of the glass is removed. Any shards are vacuumed away, while large chunks may be removed from the door panel by hand. A technician will take a lot of time to remove the glass, ensuring your car is free of glass so that you and your family are safe when sitting in there.

3. Inserting a New Window

Once all of the old glass is removed, a new slab of glass is installed. It is generally slide into the door frame and then manipulated into place. If needed, the seals around the window are also replaced at this time. However, they generally do not need to be replaced unless you have an older car.

4. Reattaching the Door

When the glass is in place, the car door will be reattached to your auto's framework.

5. Testing the Regulator

Once the new glass is in place and the door is attached, the regulator is tested to ensure the window goes up and down like it should. If it does, your new window is now installed. If it doesn't the window is played with until the regulator allows the window to go up and down as it should.

If you have a car window that was shattered during a car accident, when hit by a baseball or if someone tried to break in, you will want to have it replaced right away. This can keep moisture, pests and criminals out. Only 1 Auto Glass in St. Paul, MN can help you quickly replace the auto glass so your car is good as new. Contact us today to be on the road to having your window replaced.