You just found out you need a windshield replacement, but where’s the best place to get it? On the one hand, you could visit the dealership that handles the type of vehicle you own since you trust they know what they’re doing. On the other hand, you could make an appointment at an auto glass shop that specializes in windshield replacements. So which is the better choice? Or is one actually better than the other?


The pros at Only 1 Auto Glass explain what you need to know about dealership auto glass repairs versus specialty auto glass service below.


Dealership vs. Auto Glass Shop: What Type of Glass Will You Get?

Both a dealership and a windshield replacement shop can install a new windshield on your vehicle. If you choose the dealership, you’ll get OEM glass, which is the same type of glass that originally came on your vehicle. Dealerships only work with OEM parts.


If you head to a windshield replacement specialist, you can get an OEM windshield or opt for aftermarket glass (which is usually less expensive). An aftermarket windshield isn’t necessarily lower quality than its OEM counterpart, but the quality really depends on the type of glass.


If you’re considering taking the aftermarket route — either because your insurance company wants you to or you’re trying to save some cash — speak with a qualified auto glass replacement specialist first.


Some vehicles do just fine with aftermarket glass while certain manufacturers recommend OEM replacement parts only. A pro can educate you on the best type of windshield for your vehicle and determine whether installing aftermarket glass is in your best interest.


Auto Glass Shop vs. Dealership: What’s the Price of a Windshield Replacement?

If you’re like most drivers, the price of a windshield replacement plays a major role in where you choose to schedule services. So what’s the price difference between a dealership and an auto glass replacement shop?


Honestly, price can vary from shop to shop and dealer to dealer. The type of vehicle you own, whether it has an ADAS system that needs recalibration, and several other factors play into the price of a windshield replacement.


According to current market estimates, the average cost of installing a new windshield is anywhere from $200 to $400. Dealerships often charge a higher hourly labor rate than specialty auto glass repair shops, but to determine which option is the most affordable, you’ll need to get quotes. That’s really the only way to find out. 


What’s the More Convenient Option?

When you get down to brass tacks, both a dealership and a reputable auto glass shop can deliver excellent workmanship and a quality final product. But here’s what makes all the difference for many, many vehicle owners: convenience.


Specialty auto glass repair shops can handle emergency and on-site mobile service while dealerships often don’t have the capacity for these things. If you need a new windshield stat, you’re probably better off scheduling service with an auto glass replacement specialist as your wait time will likely be considerably less.


Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll get a quality windshield replacement. The most important thing here is not to wait around pondering your options. Driving with a damaged windshield puts you and your passengers’ safety at risk.


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