No one anticipates walking up to their parked vehicle to find one of their windows smashed in. But auto glass vandalism is a very real possibility in the Twin Cities, which means you need to know how to handle the situation should it ever become your reality.


Below, the auto glass replacement experts at Only 1 Auto Glass share a step-by-step guide for handling a smashed-in vehicle window.


Step 1: Document the Damage

Before you do anything else, document the damage to your vehicle window and vehicle. To report the damage exactly as you found it, you can:


●        Take photos of the damage

●        Create a memo in your phone and write down notes

●        Take a video of the damage and explain what you found in the video


Don’t rifle through your vehicle or move anything until you’ve documented everything. You’ll need this information when you call the police to file an incident report.


Step 2: Check for Missing Property and Protect Your Personal Information

After you’ve documented the scene, check to see if any of your property was stolen. Look for missing vehicle components, a missing wallet or purse, or anything else you might have had in your vehicle at the time.


If your wallet was stolen, cancel your credit and debit cards immediately. If your phone was stolen, deactivate it. Perform a thorough search of the vehicle so you can inform the police of any stolen property when you call.


Step 3: Contact the Authorities

Call the police and let them know what happened. There may be cameras in the parking lot that the police can access to see if they can locate a suspect. The authorities will also need to file an incident report, which you’ll need when you file your insurance claim for auto glass replacement.


Step 4: Patch the Window or Get a Tow

Driving with a smashed-in window isn’t safe, especially if there are glass shards inside your vehicle. If you can, have your vehicle towed to your house or your preferred auto glass replacement shop. Or, if you have someone who can help you patch the window temporarily, give them a call for help.


Step 5: File a Claim With Your Insurance and Get Window Replacement Estimates

If your insurance policy covers auto glass replacement, file a claim as soon as you can. You’ll need to send in the evidence you documented after the incident, so make sure you don’t misplace it!


If you’re unsure how to properly file a claim with your insurer, look for a glass repair company that can help you (our team at Only 1 Auto Glass is an excellent choice!). You’ll also need to get auto glass replacement estimates as part of your claim-filing process.


Step 6: Schedule an Auto Glass Replacement Appointment

When you get your estimate approved by your insurance company, schedule your window replacement as soon as possible. If you can’t make it into the shop because you have a busy schedule, look for a company that offers mobile repairs that can accommodate your needs.


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