When you live in the Twin Cities, preparing your vehicle to withstand months of operation in snow and ice just comes with the territory. While most drivers understand the need for antifreeze, routine oil changes, and specialty tires, not many think about preparing their windshields. But winter windshield prep is a necessary vehicle maintenance step, not only to help prevent auto glass damage but also to protect your safety on the road.


Read on to learn how weatherproofing your auto glass can help you avoid winter windshield repairs and dangerous visibility situations on the road.


Weatherproofing Protects Windshield Wipers

Your wiper blades play a major role in keeping your windshield clear throughout winter — do them a favor and increase their lifespan by weatherproofing your windshield.


Typically, windshield wipers last about six months before you’ll start noticing deficits in performance. But since our Minneapolis roadways are covered with salt and wet dirt throughout winter, your wiper blades may not even last that long. Fortunately, weatherproofing your auto glass can help you squeeze as much life as possible out of your wipers. How?


Without weatherproofing, salt and dirt from the road will stick to your windshield. When your wipers pass over those abrasive substances, they begin to deteriorate fast. You’ll probably notice they clear snow and moisture from the glass unevenly, which ultimately impedes your vision on the road.


If the rubber deteriorates very quickly and you fail to notice it, your wipers can even etch scratches in your auto glass. You’ll need prompt windshield repair to remedy this issue since it can hamper your visibility while driving at night.


Weatherproofing Improves Visibility

The best way to maintain optimal visibility in poor winter road conditions is to keep your windshield clean. And weatherproofing your auto glass helps you maintain a clean windshield with very little effort. On an icy roadway, there’s nothing more dangerous than not having a clear view of the drivers around you, but this situation is, unfortunately, super common.


When other drivers’ tires kick up salt, dirt, and water from the roadway, it ends up on your windshield. Without weatherproofing, your wiper blades do little more than smear that stuff back and forth across the glass, further limiting visibility. With weatherproofing, however, your windshield will repel rain, snow, and other wet substances as soon as they contact the glass.


Weatherproofing Enhances Your Safety on the Road

Last but certainly not least, weatherproofing your windshield helps protect you and anyone else in your vehicle. Because it creates a hydrophobic surface on your windshield, weatherproofing helps ensure your auto glass remains clean and clear even if your wipers are in suboptimal condition.


When your auto glass remains clear, your visibility on the road is better, and your likelihood of glass damage and subsequent windshield repairs decreases significantly.


Only 1 Auto Glass: Your Twin Cities Source for Quality Windshield Repair and Replacement

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