A shattered vehicle window is an unfortunate situation for any driver. But if you can’t make it to an auto glass repair shop immediately, a broken window can leave your vehicle vulnerable to further damage.


Water, pests, and debris can easily enter any vehicle through a partially intact window, and the interior damage those things can cause can be extensive. To protect the interior of your vehicle while you find the time or funds to pursue auto glass replacement, follow these tips:


Clean Up As Much of the Broken Glass As Possible

First and most importantly, if there are loose glass shards inside your vehicle or on the door, make sure you clean up as much of the glass as you can. Wear thick, protective gloves for this job as fragments of glass can injure you in an instant unless you’re super careful.


After you’ve removed all the large pieces of glass, use a high-powered vacuum (preferably a shop vac) to pick up any smaller fragments. Keep in mind that even if you can’t readily see them, tiny shards of glass might be sitting on seats or the floor. For safety’s sake, it’s best to vacuum the entire area even if it appears to be glass free.


Clean the Window Frame and Seal

Even a high-powered vacuum might not clean up all the tiniest shards of glass around the window’s frame. That’s where a thorough cleaning comes in. To clean the window frame and seal, use a damp, soft cloth and wipe the area down thoroughly.


In addition to picking up the shards of glass, cleaning the area also removes dust, dirt, and grime that can interfere with your ability to seal the window properly during the next step. Once you have the frame and seal completely clean, it’s time to seal the window to prevent moisture and debris from entering your vehicle.


Cover and Seal the Window

When you need to cover and seal off a vehicle window, you have a couple of options: use a plastic cover with tape or use tape alone. Here’s how to accomplish the job:


●        Plastic cover and tape. If you’re using a sheet of plastic to cover the open area, you can use something like a clear drop cloth or even a plastic bag. To cover the area, stretch the bag across the window and secure it in place with a few small pieces of tape. Then, measure out long strips of masking or packing tape and use them to firmly secure the bag to the frame of the window. Make sure you seal the opening completely to prevent moisture from entering the vehicle. For extra protection, complete this process on both the inside and outside of the window frame.


●        Tape alone. If you only have tape on hand, you can use long strips of it to seal off the window. You should definitely place tape on both sides of the frame to achieve an adequate seal.


Keep in mind that both of these covering techniques should be very temporary solutions! If you’re covering your window because you don’t have the time to take your vehicle in for auto glass repair, you can always schedule a mobile repair. For your safety, get it done as soon as you possibly can!


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