No matter where you drive, there are rocks on the road, and all it takes to find yourself with a damaged windshield is one errant pebble. While most small rocks cause only minor windshield damage, when ignored, that damage can put you and your passengers’ safety at risk.


To maintain the safest possible driving conditions, prompt auto glass repair is essential — but is it better to opt for rock chip repair or should you replace the entire windshield? The experts at Only 1 Auto Glass explain when it’s best to repair or replace a damaged windshield below.


Rock Chip Repair: When Is It the Best Option?

Rock chip repair can successfully restore a damaged windshield, but the severity of the glass damage determines whether repairs will be the safest and most cost-effective option. When you bring your vehicle in for an auto glass repair estimate, your technicians will assess the severity of the chips before recommending the appropriate course of action.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we consider several factors when determining whether windshield repairs are the best option for your vehicle. We can pursue rock chip repairs in the following situations:


●        The rock chip is smaller than the size of a quarter

●        Cracks resulting from the rock’s impact are less than six inches long

●        The damage does not extend through both layers of the windshield glass

●        The glass damage is not near the outer edges of the windshield


In certain cases, it may be possible to repair more extensive forms of rock chip damage, but we assess each windshield on a case-by-case basis. To determine whether your windshield is eligible for auto glass repair, feel free to schedule a free estimate with our team!


Windshield Replacement: When It’s Necessary

In most cases, rock chip repair is a suitable option for a windshield that contains minor damage. But when a more substantial rock collides with your windshield, auto glass replacement is almost always necessary. A complete windshield replacement will be necessary if your windshield contains any of the following types of damage:


●        Multiple chips spread throughout the glass

●        Cracks that are longer than six inches

●        Cracks or chips that begin or end near the edge of the glass

●        Damage that impairs your vision while driving


Since a damaged windshield no longer boasts the same level of integrity as a fully intact piece of auto glass, a complete replacement is often a better option in terms of safety. That said, a reputable auto glass repair shop will give you honest advice on your best course of action. Though educating yourself on your repair options is no doubt helpful, the best thing you can do is schedule an assessment and estimate to determine which option you should pursue.


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