Scratches in your windshield aren’t just an eyesore; they can compromise your visibility on the road and put your safety at risk. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we emphasize the importance of a fully intact, scratch-free windshield because we understand the critical role it plays in protecting you and your passengers. To help you maintain your auto glass in top condition, below, we share a few tips for keeping your windshield free of scratches.


Replace Your Windshield Wipers Regularly

Windshield wipers don’t last forever, and if you continue using them after the rubber deteriorates, the metal component of the wipers can scratch your windshield. While the lifespan of your wipers depends on a variety of factors, including weather conditions, frequency of use, and wiper quality, routine replacement is essential.


Most vehicle owners should replace their wipers every six to 12 months. Performing routine windshield wiper inspections will also help you identify signs of deterioration so you can replace your wipers promptly as needed.


Ensure Your Wiper Fluid Reservoir Is Full

To avoid windshield scratches and auto glass repairs, you should only operate your windshield wipers on a wet windshield. One way to ensure you never operate dry wipers is to keep your wiper fluid reservoir full. At least once a month, perform a routine fluid check on your vehicle, and if the wiper fluid is low, top it up before you close the hood.


Watch Where You Park

When you park your vehicle out in the open, anything can damage the glass. To avoid scratches and auto glass repairs, do your best to park in covered areas whenever possible. That way, falling objects have zero chance of landing on your windshield and causing damage.


In the winter, parking in covered areas also helps prevent extensive frost buildup on your auto glass. You won’t need to use as much force when scraping your windshield clean, which reduces your risk of accidentally scratching the glass.


Use Appropriate Glass Cleaning Materials

When it comes to cleaning auto glass, you should only use products approved for that specific purpose. Standard glass cleaners often contain substances that can damage auto glass, which is why you shouldn’t use household cleaning materials on your vehicle. To avoid accidental damage and auto glass repairs, you should also avoid using household objects to remove frost and ice from your windshield. 


Need Scratched Auto Glass Repair? Contact Only 1 Auto Glass

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