You may have encountered them in your travels in and around the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities area. The occasional torn up tire, pieces of busted up wood, or even a ladder or mattress. It is road debris; mainly from people who have not properly attached items to a vehicle as it travels down the road. It's particular challenging to avoid on the freeways where it can come out of seemingly nowhere. Dangerous road debris can be the cause of a windshield repair or windshield replacement, auto accidents, or even fatalities. It's a much bigger problem than many realize.

The Numbers are Frightening

The AAA (American Automobile Association) recently conducted a study that has some alarming numbers. The four year study showed that road debris was responsible for:

  • 200,000 vehicular crashes
  • 39,000 people injured
  • 500 fatalities

For those who have needed a rock chip repair due to a small rock or other small piece of debris, these numbers can almost make you feel fortunate. It's estimated that about two-thirds of these incidents are due to poorly secured loads.

Road Debris Here in the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities Area

Here in Minnesota, in the first half of 2016, the State Highway Patrol says that they have responded to over 3,000 calls concerning road debris. When other agencies are included, that number exceeds 5,000. Ladders are said to be the biggest culprit. Fortunately, some items are removed from the roads without damage. Others cause smaller issues like a rock chip repair. But still there are those incidents that require an entire windshield replacement or worse. It's a big problem that the Patrol wants to make more drivers aware of. Drivers carrying these items are responsible for properly securing loads. Ratchet and toe straps are a safer solution that bungee cords or rope.

The Patrol also wants to remind those seeing items in the road to not attempt to remove them but to contact the patrol. Should you lose an item, contact the patrol immediately for assistance.

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