How well do you take care of your vehicle’s windows? Do you clean them regularly, using the appropriate materials? Do you park in safe, covered locations? At Only 1 Auto Glass, we know how easy it can be to assume auto glass doesn’t require much care or attention at all—but that assumption might just prove an expensive mistake. Below, we explain X common ways drivers unintentionally damage their auto glass and offer suggestions to help you better protect your vehicle windows.


1. Not Cleaning the Glass or Using the Wrong Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning your auto glass, you can’t just use whatever glass cleaner you have on hand. Most household glass cleaners contain harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, that can affect the seals around your vehicle windows.


With prolonged use, cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals can deteriorate those seals, weakening the bond between the glass and your vehicle. To avoid a leaky windshield (and potentially, a full windshield replacement), only use glass cleaning products that are specifically formulated for use on auto glass.


2. Neglecting the Glass

Speaking of auto glass cleaners, how often do you clean your vehicle windows? And no, using your windshield wipers and fluid doesn’t count! Thoroughly cleaning your windshield on a regular basis is an important step in caring for your auto glass properly because it helps prevent debris from scratching the glass.


When you allow dirt and grime to accumulate on your windshield, it doesn’t just impede your vision while driving; it can actually damage your windshield depending on how abrasive it is. Ideally, you should clean each of your vehicle’s windows at least once a month, preferably more often if you have a long commute or drive in dusty, dirty areas.


3. Parking in Unsafe Areas

For most vehicle owners, parking safely to protect their auto glass doesn’t become a concern until a tree branch, rogue ball, or a piece of flying debris damages one of their windows. But when it comes to avoiding auto glass repairs, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


To properly protect your auto glass, you should park in covered, enclosed areas whenever possible. When you routinely parking on the curb, in your driveway, or in large, open lots, you leave your auto glass vulnerable to damage from a variety of impacts that are out of your control.


4. Sudden Temperature Changes

Would you imagine a sudden, drastic temperature shift could damage your windshield? It’s true — just as dropping an ice cube into a cup of tepid water results in cracks, the same idea applies to your auto glass. If you’re accustomed to immediately cranking up the A/C as soon as you enter a sweltering vehicle, for the sake of your windshield, we suggest rethinking that habit.


The same idea applies to cranking up the heat inside a freezing vehicle — any sudden, dramatic temperature change can stress your windshield and potentially, cause it to crack. To avoid an unexpected windshield repair (or worst-case scenario, a complete replacement), always adjust your vehicle’s temperature controls gradually.


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