Storm Chaser Vehicle GlassStorm chasing is considered one of the most dangerous activities some Americans engage in, with people going after tornadoes to catch a closer glimpse of these forces of nature being the main activity of storm chasers. Going after these dangerous weather disturbances often requires chasers to have what are called storm chaser vehicles, and these are usually SUVs and other similar automobiles that can easily go towards or away from a developing tornado.

Due to the allure of the danger involved with this thrilling hunt, there are even people offering to guide individuals around the areas that are likely to see tornadoes developing. Storm chasing has become such a hit with thrill seekers that some people who have been doing this kind of thing for ages are now offering to take these people into such a dangerous situation and with the use of the customer’s own vehicles no less. This is where the question regarding insurance coverage comes in.

One of the problems that you will find yourself facing when you decide to go storm chasing, and when you decide to use your car as a storm chaser vehicle, is windshield damage caused by debris and hailstorms. These are usually present when you go storm chasing, and when you get near a developing tornado, or one that has already touched ground. The damage that you get from hailstorms and from debris that comes with such a weather disturbance may require some help from a Minneapolis auto glass technicians who will assess the full extent of the damage and will give you an estimate for the repairs needed.

This is not where your problems may occur. While the glass experts you asked for an assessment and estimate may not ask how the vehicle got damaged in the first place, your insurance adjuster definitely will. The possibility that you will need to shell out the money needed for the repairs of your vehicle should it be found out that you damaged it during storm chasing activities is there, should it be found out that the damage is due to your exposing of the vehicle to such risks.

There is a way to avoid such a situation though, short of not engaging in this dangerous but adrenaline pumping past-time. According to forums that talk about storm chasing, insurance adjusters rarely if ever ask whether you are a storm chaser or not before you are allowed to take out a comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. Not volunteering information that was not requested could save you money.

In these same storm chaser forums, a number of avid storm chasers find that insurance companies do not really check on whether or not they use these vehicles to chase after tornadoes. Even an insurance adjuster commented that storm damage is often acceptable in states where these events are known to occur. Just don’t make a habit of claiming for repairs after every event where your vehicle suffers damage with such occurrences. You can also ask a trusted Minneapolis auto glass repair company, like Only 1 Auto Glass, for advice about this and they can gladly help you out.