When most drivers think of road debris, they imagine pebbles, leaves, sticks, and maybe the odd tire scrap or two. Though that’s a semi-accurate presumption, there may be more rubbish on the road than meets the eye. While most road debris is barely visible from your driver’s seat, it still has the potential to cause serious damage to your auto glass. Worse, some barely-visible road debris has the potential to cause bodily harm, and in some cases, fatality.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, it’s our job to make sure your auto glass is in safe operating condition, but we’re concerned about your personal safety, too. Below, we’re discussing the most hazardous types of road debris you should watch for to keep both your auto glass and yourself safe.


Scrap Metal

Though scrap metal may not instantly come to mind when you imagine road debris, take a moment to think about how many trailers you’ve seen on the freeway. Dozens? Hundreds? Many of those trailers contain ratchet straps, which are secured using small, metal fasteners that can easily detach and end up on the road.


Unfortunately, if the driver in front of you accidentally hits a piece of metal with their tire, that metal can fly straight at your windshield if you’re following too closely. Unlike a pebble, a piece of metal will break through your windshield, potentially causing you serious bodily harm. Flying road debris has claimed thousands of lives, so please, for your safety, keep a watchful eye on the road.


Improperly Secured Loads

If you can avoid driving behind a trailer, by all means, do it. Though most drivers secure the contents of their trailers well, a small percentage do so haphazardly. Even the smallest item that falls off a trailer can cause serious auto glass damage, or worse, bodily harm. Your best bet for avoiding a windshield replacement is to stay far removed from any driver who’s hauling a load.


Construction Zones

Construction zones are notorious for all types of road debris, from pebbles and chunks of asphalt to larger stones and even pieces of concrete. The best way to avoid auto glass repair or replacement is to navigate away from construction zones whenever possible. However, if there’s no reasonable, alternative route, always drive according to the zone’s speed limit and avoid following other vehicles too closely.


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