Imagine this scenario. You're driving along behind a dump truck, making sure to stay far back as cautioned by the signage on its tailgate. In spite of your carefulness, when you arrive at your destination, you notice a couple of rock chips on your windshield. Or you are driving slowly down an unpaved gravel road to make sure the gravel doesn't damage your windshield or the paint job on your car only to discover a few rock chips in both later. 

1. Rock chips affect more than your car's looks

While rock chips on your paint job can be an eyesore, they can be downright dangerous when it comes to your windshield. Of course, a chipped windshield looks unpleasant but it can lead to you having an accident, endangering your life as well as those around you. 

2. It can cause cracking

Even though a rock chip might start off small, it can quickly lead to the telltale spider webbing and cracking that can compromise the integrity of the windshield itself. Even if the chip is in the corner of your windshield, it can still lead to dangerous cracking that could cause the windshield to splinter in the event that you do get into an accident. 

3. It can lead to the roof collapsing 

Not only does having the windshield in your car provide an unfettered view of the road, it also provides important structural support for your entire car. In fact, today your windshield is more of a safety feature than ever before. This is because it acts as a stabilizing factor and provides support for the frame of the car. A chip or crack can lead to the windshield giving way -- either during an accident or simply while you're driving -- and cause the roof to collapse. 

4. It can reflect sunlight

A rock chip can lead to a crack in the windshield. Either one can then compromise your vision by allowing the sunlight and its glare to affect you. This can make it difficult for you to see and increase your chances of getting into an accident. 

Repair or Replacement

Some rock chips and cracks are small enough so that they can be repaired. This is going to be a situation that a trained professional should assess to thoroughly weigh the likelihood of the chip or crack being small and stable and its potential for causing issues for you. Depending on the placement of the rock chip, it could also be required that your windshield simply be replaced