For the most part, cleaning your auto glass is pretty straightforward: You spray on the solution, wipe it down, and let the excess liquid evaporate. Something many vehicle owners don’t know, however, is that certain glass cleaning solutions and techniques can damage their auto glass. At Only 1 Auto Glass, it’s our job to help you keep your vehicle windows in top condition, so below, we’re outlining a few costly cleaning mistakes to avoid.


Avoid Wiping Down Dry Glass

Resist the urge to wipe down your auto glass while it’s dry. Though you may not readily notice them, tiny particles can accumulate on your windows while your vehicle is parked. When you wipe down dry glass, those particles can cause slight scratches that will make the glass appear cloudy over time. To avoid auto glass repair, only clean your vehicle windows while they’re damp.


Only Use Dedicated Auto Glass Cleaner

Though your auto glass appears to be the same as any other type of glass, it’s not. Vehicle windows contain a special type of coating that’s susceptible to deterioration when you use the wrong glass cleaners. They also contain special sealants that keep the glass in place, which can deteriorate over time when exposed to harsh glass-cleaning ingredients such as ammonia.


Ideally, you should always use specialty auto glass cleaner to avoid seal deterioration and auto glass replacement. If you can’t get your hands on any of the good stuff, you can try using these safe alternatives:


●        One part white vinegar and one part distilled water

●        Two tablespoons white vinegar, one cup isopropyl alcohol, and one cup distilled water

●        One part isopropyl alcohol and one part distilled water


Be sure to only use distilled water as tap water contains numerous impurities that can cause streaking. As well, be careful when cleaning your interior glass with alcohol. If the solution is too concentrated and you overspray onto your dash, it can cause temporary discoloration.


Use the Appropriate Cleaning Cloth

Did you know paper towels and regular washcloths aren’t the safest materials to use when cleaning your auto glass? Most people assume any old cloth will do the job just fine, but that’s not necessarily true, especially if you’re using disposable materials that can scratch your glass.


Paper towels, though relatively soft, can leave tiny scratches in your auto glass over time. Unfortunately, you may not notice those scratches until the glass becomes slightly cloudy as a result of continual scratching. Regular washcloths aren’t nearly as harmful, but if you wash them with the rest of your linens, they likely contain fabric softener residue. If that’s the case, it can make crystal-clear glass difficult to achieve.


So what should you use? Microfiber cloths are the safest, most effective material for cleaning your auto glass. If you plan to use microfiber cloths, make sure you avoid washing them with the rest of your laundry to ensure they don’t cause glass streaking.


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