If your auto glass has recently incurred damage, you’re no doubt wondering how much that damage is going to cost you. Can you get away with a quick repair? Or are you in for a more expensive auto glass replacement? While a straight answer would be nice, the only way to address those questions is through an in-person evaluation of the damage. That said, there are definite situations when repairs are simply out of the question. In this post, our Only 1 Auto Glass team is breaking down the details, so you have a better idea of what to expect.


Auto Glass Repairs Depend on Three Factors

When you have damaged auto glass, whether you can opt for a simple repair depends on three factors: location, size, and depth of the damage. Keep in mind that these factors typically only apply to windshield damage because windshields feature laminated glass.


If you’re dealing with a damaged rear window or passenger windows, however, you’ll almost always require auto glass replacement. That’s because those windows do not contain the same extra layer of protective lamination that your windshield features.


You Can Get Away With Auto Glass Repair If…

Below, we’ve broken down a few situations when auto glass repair is likely possible for your vehicle. Keep in mind this isn’t a definitive list. The only way to know for sure is to take your vehicle to an auto glass company (Only 1 Auto Glass is a great choice!) for an evaluation and estimate. Repairs may be possible when:


●        The glass contains a chip smaller than the size of a quarter.

●        There is a crack shorter than three inches long.

●        The damage has not permeated both layers of glass (this only applies to windshields).

●        The damage does not extend to the outer edge of the glass (windshields only).


It’s also important to note that windshield and other forms of auto glass repair have come a long way in recent years. In some cases, repairs may now be possible for more extensive damage. The National Windshield Repair Division has industry-standard information on repair guidelines if you’re interested in learning more.


You’ll Need Auto Glass Replacement If…

When your auto glass incurs serious damage (shattered glass comes to mind), you’ll obviously require auto glass replacement. Beyond the obvious situations, though, auto glass replacement is also necessary when:


●        Your rear windshield incurs damage.

●        Your side windows suffer cracks or chips.

●        Cracks are longer than a few inches.

●        Your auto glass contains pitting.

●        The damage compromises the structural integrity of the glass.


Again, you’ll need to contact a reputable auto glass company to know for certain whether replacement is your only option. If you have auto glass coverage as part of your insurance policy, your agent may be able to give you additional details as well.


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