Are you having issues with your vehicle’s rear windshield? Curious whether you can repair the problem, or if you’ll need a full auto glass replacement? At Only 1 Auto Glass, it’s our job to help you keep your vehicle structurally sound. And, whether or not you realize it, your vehicle’s rear window helps support its frame. As such, it’s critical that the glass remains intact for you and your passengers’ safety. If you’re teetering on attempting a DIY fix, here’s what you should know:


Rear Window Repair May Not Be Possible

Unlike your vehicle’s front windshield, its rear window doesn’t contain the same protective layer of thin plastic that prevents the glass from shattering. Most rear vehicle windows are fashioned from tempered glass, which, while strong, can shatter under heavy impact. If a heavy object falls on your rear windshield, or a flying object hits the glass at high velocity, the window will likely shatter into small, round pellets. Obviously, at that point, a repair is out of the question.


That said, even if the glass doesn’t shatter, repairing a rear windshield crack or chip may not be possible. Unfortunately, back glass repair may be out of the question, if your windshield contains either of the following features:


●        Rear windshield antenna. If your vehicle’s antenna is attached to the rear window, repairing the glass can be significantly more costly than you might imagine. Opting for a rear windshield replacement is usually your safest, most affordable bet.

●        Rear defrost system. The thin lines that run horizontally across your vehicle’s rear window are part of the defrost system. In most cases, repairing auto glass that contains a defrost mechanism is not possible, but even if it’s an option, the repair can be quite expensive. Replacing the glass is almost always the best option.


Rear Windshield Water Leaks

If your rear windshield was poorly installed, eventually, the seal will deteriorate, or the glass will shift position. In either case, water can find its way inside your vehicle and wreak havoc on its interior. Mold, mildew, and rust can quickly develop either around the edges of the glass or within your vehicle, so to avoid extensive damage, it’s critical that you have the issue taken care of promptly.


While there’s an ocean of information online detailing DIY fixes for a leaky rear window, trying to repair the problem on your own could prove disastrous. In most cases, you won’t be capable of deciphering whether the issue stems from improperly positioned glass or a deteriorating window seal. To ensure the best protection from the outside elements, take your vehicle to a licensed auto glass repair shop.


Need a New Rear Window? Trust Only 1 Auto Glass With Your Repairs

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