Winter is coming. And that means it's time to perform some routine maintenance on your windshield that will help you battle the often cold, wet and windy winter months.

The auto glass specialists at Only 1 Auto Glass want to make sure your windshield is in tip-top shape. For more information on proper windshield maintenance, or to repair any chips or cracks, call us at (651) 789 -1111. 

Here are five tips for proper windshield maintenance: 

  1. Replace your windshield wipers: The winter months typically bring heavy rain and snow that can make driving conditions particularly bad. The rubber coverings that prevent ice from building up on the blade are helpful, but you may also want to change out the blades for ones designed specifically for heavy rains and show. But remember, winter wipers are heavy and shouldn't be used in summer months to avoid burning out the motor.
  2. Make sure your windshield washer fluid is full: On a snowy day, it's easy to go through half a gallon or more of windshield wiper fluid trying to keep your windshield clear. So make sure the reservoir is full and also carry some extra in your trunk, just in case. Also, steer clear of using water or cheap washer fluids, which may freeze in sub freezing temperatures. 
  3. Use a water repellent: When cleaning your windshield, it's smart to use a water repellent, such as Rain-X, to help keep your windshield functioning properly in heavy rains. These tools work well to whisk water off the windshield, but only last a few weeks before the products need to be reapplied. This is especially true if you're using your windshield wipers a lot.
  4. Repair small cracks and chips: Extreme temperature variations can be rough on you windshield. If small cracks or chips are already present, cold temperatures can cause the cracks chips to grow and expand. It is recommended that you get these small issues repaired before the harsh winter months hit.
  5. Use an ice scraper or snow brush: Never use your windshield wipers to remove ice from your windshield. This can quickly damage the blades and render the wipers useless. Instead, be sure to carry an ice scrapper or snow brush.

So whether the groundhog sees its shadow or not, and not matter how harsh or light this winter may turn out to be, knowing these quick and easy windshield maintenance tips will help prepare you for whatever lies ahead. For more information on the products mentioned about, or for a quote on installation, call one of the auto glass specialists at Only 1 Auto Glass today at (651) 789 -1111.