Somehow, your windshield developed a crack or chip, and because you’re a responsible vehicle owner, you took it in to have it repaired. One more task checked off your to-do list, right? Except when you got your vehicle back, it didn’t look any better than when you took it in! What happened? Was it you? Did you do something wrong? Perhaps, but it’s likely not your fault. 


Unfortunately, a handful of auto glass repair jobs just don’t seem to stick. Why? The auto glass experts at Only One Auto Glass in the Twin Cities, Minn. explain.


Poor Weather Conditions

If you had a mobile technician perform your crack or rock chip repair, weather conditions might be the culprit behind its failure. Why? As part of the auto glass repair procedure, a technician injects a special type of resin into the chip or crack. When the tech applies pressure via vacuum, this resin spreads to fill in the damaged area, stopping the chip or crack from growing larger. The success of the entire process depends on the resin’s ability to cure to the surrounding glass. If the repair occurred in the midst of unfavorable weather such as rain, snow, or heavy fog, the moisture in the air may have prevented the resin from curing properly, causing the repair to fail.


The Glass Was Dirty

The first step in any windshield repair is cleaning the glass. If your technician failed to clean the window thoroughly, small particles of dirt, dust, and other debris might have been left within the damaged area. As in the previous scenario, the success of the repair is dependent on the resin’s ability to cure to the surrounding glass. When debris is present in the chip or crack, it can prevent the resin from curing properly, and again, cause the repair to fail.


The Damage Was Too Complex

In some cases, a simple auto glass repair may not suffice. If the chip or crack has multiple tiny cracks extending away from the center, or if it looks more like a bullseye-type pattern, the repair will be more complex, and in some cases, may not succeed. An experienced and honest auto glass expert—like those at Only One Auto Glass—will take the time to discuss the potential disadvantages of attempting to repair complex glass damage. As well, your technician should offer you the option to elect auto glass replacement rather than repair if your situation warrants alternatives. In the end, if you choose to repair a complex chip, there’s always a chance that the damage will continue to grow.


High-Quality Auto Glass Repair in the Twin Cities

If you recently had a glass repair that didn’t stick, call the professionals at Only One Auto Glass. Our expert team boasts over 200 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured that we’ll provide superior craftsmanship, as well as the most fitting service for your needs. To schedule your repair, give us a call at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page. To get started right away, feel free to request your free estimate!