Most of us have done it—we notice a chip in our auto glass and just keep on driving, hoping it won’t turn into a bigger problem. But is this practice really safe? Or could harm befall us as a result of our negligent ways? While it may not seem that a small rock chip or tiny crack might endanger our safety, the fact is, it very well could. Driving with damaged auto glass not only puts your vehicle at greater risk for serious damage, but it puts you and your passengers’ safety on the line. Below, our experts at Only 1 Auto Glass discuss the various ways your chipped and cracked windows are endangering you.


Reduced Impact Protection

All components of your vehicle’s design work synergistically to keep you protected. When one of them becomes compromised, you no longer have the benefit of this comprehensive design. In the event of a traffic accident, your windshield serves to absorb some of the impact from the crash. However, chips and cracks create weak points in your auto glass, and when force transfers to these weak points, they can crumble under pressure. When this occurs, force from the impact transfers directly to you and your passengers, potentially resulting in serious injuries. Not only that, but with a broken windshield, passengers in the front seats are at higher risk of ejection.


Compromised Airbag Functionality

Your windshield serves as a stop mechanism in the event of passenger airbag deployment. However, minor windshield damage can compromise the functionality of this protective feature, putting your passenger at risk.


When your passenger-side airbag deploys, it generates a tremendous amount of force. Small cracks or dings in your auto glass create weak points, and these points are likely to explode outward as the airbag forcefully collides with your windshield. And, instead of deploying inward to protect your passenger, the airbag will deploy outside the window through the newly created hole. What could have been a simple windshield chip repair could quickly turn into a full windshield replacement if you neglect to fix minor damage in your auto glass.


Auto Glass Damage Impedes Vision

Your windshield isn’t the only critical piece of auto glass in your vehicle. Your side windows and mirrors also serve very important safety functions while you’re on the road, and damage to these windows can put you in danger. Cracked side mirrors make it difficult for you to view the traffic behind and to the side of your vehicle. When switching lanes, broken side glass is especially dangerous as it can prevent you from accurately seeing vehicles in your blind spots. The same goes for cracks in your side windows. Really, any damage to your auto glass is dangerous as it impedes your uninterrupted view of the roadway around you.


Auto Glass Replacement and Repair in the Twin Cities

When you notice auto glass damage, it’s imperative that you take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we know that your safety is on the line when you drive with damaged windows; that’s why we’re here to provide prompt, high-quality auto glass repair and replacement. Whether you need a rock chip repair, windshield replacement, rear window repair, or anything in between, our experienced technicians are here for you. Contact our team to request your free estimate! For any questions, or to schedule service, give us a call at 651-789-1111.