Your windshield is designed to handle some major pressure. It's there to protect you in the event of a major accident; therefore, it's to the car maker's benefit to make it as strong as possible for each of their loyal buyers. However, it's also not immune to wear and tear over time. If your windshield has already sustained more than a few damages along the way, you may want to consider the following to see if it should be replaced.

●      The Windshield is Covered in Chips or Cracks

One tiny crack (or even a few) usually just means you need windshield repair rather than windshield replacement. In fact, damage as large as a dollar bill is still considered safe for repair. However, several tiny indentations all over the car can spell trouble for the windshield. Rather than take your chances with multiple patch-up jobs, it may be a better idea to replace it entirely. It's a far safer choice than waiting to see just how fast a crack can form a spider web out from the center.

●      Your Vision is Obstructed

It's easy for drivers to ignore small chips in their windshields—regardless of where they're located. But visibility on the road is crucial to preventing accidents, and even a tiny obstruction can end up causing a major crash. On a crystal clear day, it may seem safe for you to operate their vehicle without the need of fixing the chip, but this assumption is just not practical for drivers in the Twin Cities metro area. Inclement weather is bad enough without having any additional hazards on top of it.


●      The Cracks are Toward the Windshield’s Edges

If something lands on top of your car or you happen to flip it over, you need your windshield to stay in one piece. A crack toward the edge of the windshield means the structural integrity of the car is at risk, and the car will be more likely to crumble in the event of a bad accident. This is especially true if the crack has managed to grow quite a bit larger in a short amount of time.

●      A Previous Faulty Repair/Incorrect Installation

A repair that was handled improperly, or a windshield installation that went poorly, can both be strong cases for a new windshield. In certain instances, a repair will only buy time until a windshield can be replaced, with improper installation falling into the same category because (in most instances) a corner was cut because a non-professional installed it and it ended up being more expensive in the long run. Regardless of the case, such corner cutting can end up becoming more expensive than having a professional install a new windshield.


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