The potential cost of windshield repair holds many people back from having this service performed. Not only does that give the windshield damage a chance to worsen, the delay may be unnecessary altogether. Car insurance may cover all of the costs of repairs or replacements of windshields and even other auto glass repair services.

Is Your Windshield Damage Covered by Your Insurance?

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, you are covered for windshield damage. In fact, some insurance companies go out of their way to help customers get repair or replacement of this glass. This is likely because a windshield in good condition helps to reduce the chance of an accident, and therefore, lowers their risk of having to pay for a truly expensive claim. Whatever their reason, you can relax if you have comprehensive coverage.

When the damage to the windshield is the result of a collision, your collision coverage will pay for it and the other damages attributed to the accident. If you have both collision and comprehensive coverage, you'll only get to make a single claim, but one of those two insurance aspects will take care of it for you.

What if You're Not Covered?

If you weren't carrying comprehensive or collision insurance at the time the windshield was damaged, you'll need to pay for the repair yourself. Then, it's even more essential to get it fixed right away! Windshield repair is much more affordable than full replacement, so having it fixed before it spreads too far for repair is very important.

In some cases, damage will be extensive enough to require windshield replacement even if you're quick to schedule service. Then, you'll be glad to know that the prices here at Only 1 Auto Glass are very reasonable. We also accept credit cards. These factors make it much easier to stay safe even if you do need a completely new windshield.

What About Side or Rear Windows?

Insurance coverage for side windows and rear windows is generally the same as for windshields. It simply isn't advertised as often because it's rarer for these windows to get damaged. We also maintain our fair, affordable pricing system for these windows, so you don't have to worry if you aren't covered.

To get a quote for your windshield, side windows, or rear window auto glass, just give us a call or visit our site here at Only 1 Auto Glass in the Twin Cities area.