An auto accident can damage your windshield or the seal that holds the windshield firmly in place. Even minor accidents can cause substantial damage to the windshield. This is why it’s important to know the signs that your auto glass was damaged in the accident and is in need of repair or replacement. Here are a few signs your auto glass needs to be inspected by an auto glass professional:

1.      The Auto Glass is Cracked or Shattered

One of the easiest ways to tell if your auto glass was damaged during a car accident is if the glass is cracked or shattered. The impact of the accident may have left your auto glass with cracks or may have shattered it completely. If you see any obvious signs of cracks or chips in your windshield following an accident, the windshield needs to be repaired or replaced.

2.      There is a White Haze Around the Edges of Your Windshield

Unfortunately, not every accident leaves obvious signs of damage to the windshield. One of the lesser known signs of damage to a windshield is a white haze that appears around its edges. Auto glass is treated with a plastic material, called poly vinyl butyral, to protect it from shattering inward and harming the car’s occupants. Following an accident, the edges of your windshield may be shattered without you realizing it. This appears as a white haze, caused by the poly vinyl butyral pulling away from the damaged auto glass.

3.      You Hear Rattling or Wind When Driving

Do you hear a rattling noise or the sound of wind in your car as you are driving? Your auto glass is held in place with a seal. You cannot see the seal, so you cannot see if it was damaged during an accident. If it was damaged, your windshield may rattle as you drive, or wind may come in through the breaks in the seal.

If your windshield is showing any of these signs after an automobile accident, you should bring it to an auto glass specialist, such as Only 1 Auto Glass. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we offer auto glass repair and auto glass replacement. Let us evaluate your auto glass following an accident and determine the best course of action for making repairs or replacement. Contact us today for a free estimate.