The glass on your windshield can become damaged in a number of ways. An auto accident, road debris, or the way you remove ice from your windshield can all cause damage. While you cannot protect your windshield from all types of damage, there are actions you can take to reduce the odds of your windshield becoming damaged. Here are a few of the actions you can take to protect your automobile's windshield from damage:

1.      Do Not Park Under Tree Limbs

When you park under a tree, you run the risk of a limb falling on your car, potentially damaging your auto glass and vehicle. If a tree looks sick or diseased, it’s an exceptionally windy day, or it looks like a limb might be about to break, avoid parking your car under the tree.

2.      Keep Your Distance From Trucks

Trucks that haul debris and gravel often have a warning to stay anywhere from 100 feet to 250 feet back from the vehicle. This is not for the protection of the truck; it is to protect your windshield from debris that may fly out of the truck while being hauled. Flying debris is the number one cause of windshield cracks. As such, you should heed this warning and keep your distance.

3.      Avoid Gravel or Dirt Roads

If you are able, avoid traveling down gravel or dirt roads. If you must travel down a gravel or dirt road, always keep a safe traveling distance from other cars because gravel, aggregate, and rocks can be kicked up, which can fly directly into your windshield. Avoiding these roads helps prevent debris from damaging your auto glass.

4.      Take the Time to Properly Thaw Your Windshield

While it may be tempting to pour hot water over your windshield to thaw ice quickly, doing so can cause your auto glass to expand and contract quickly. This can cause cracks to form or can even cause your glass to shatter. Slowly thaw ice from your windshield to avoid damage to your auto glass.

If your auto glass has become damaged, you will want to have it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we can help you with all of your auto glass needs, including auto glass repair and auto glass replacement. Contact us today for a free estimate.