If your windshield is damaged, you likely worry that you'll need to replace it. Since this can be costly if your insurance doesn't cover it, it's no wonder if this makes you apprehensive.


You will be relieved to know that in many cases, windshield damage doesn't mean you have to throw out the entire window. Instead, the damage can be repaired. When the damage is significant enough that replacement is indeed necessary, you'll be glad to know we have reasonable rates on custom-fit windshields.


What criteria are used to determine whether to repair windshield damage or go with replacement? There are a few simple guidelines we use to make the decision. By going over them, you can avoid surprises and be better prepared for what will be needed to get you safely on the road.


Here are the typical determining factors we use when deciding if a windshield is repairable or needs to be replaced:


●        The Size of the Damaged Area

The standard guideline for size is that the damage shouldn't exceed the dimensions of a dollar bill. If a crack is pretty long, or a hole is thick, replacing the glass is recommended. Because of this, it's important to get repairs right away, especially with cracks. Cracks in auto glass will spread if not addressed, so what was once a repairable amount of damage can grow until replacement is necessary. Fixing them quickly will prevent this.


●        The Location of the Damage

A crack, ding, or other damage in the driver's field of vision can impair the view of the road even after repairs. In these cases, we recommend replacement.


It's also dangerous to try to repair damage in any of the corners of the windshield. That's because weakness in these areas can cause the window to shatter unexpectedly even after a repair. Therefore, we always recommend replacement for this damage in order to maintain safety.


●        The Amount of Damage

In most cases, windshield damage only affects one or two areas. However, hailstorms, gravel spilling from trucks, and other such things can cause pockmarks or cracks in multiple places on the window. Then, your windshield must be replaced to ensure it won't shatter without warning later on.





To find out if your windshield can be repaired, contact our team today. Our expert technicians will examine your window and recommend the most affordable and safest option for its condition.