There are a number of reasons why you may need to have new auto glass installed. You may have a chip or crack in your windshield, your windshield may have shattered in a car accident, or someone may have broken a window trying to break into your vehicle. When you need new auto glass installed, you will be looking for an auto glass installation company to help you. Here are three things you should look for as you look to hire an auto glass installation company. 

Where the Replacement Takes Place

Auto glass repairs and replacement does not always have to be done in an auto repair garage or center. Some companies will come to you and do the repair or the replacement at your home or even at your job. If you have a busy schedule and cannot seem to find the time to take your car in to a repair center, look for an installation company that comes to you. 

What Type of Auto Glass They Use

Not every auto glass installer uses the same type of auto glass. Some companies use OEM glass, which is glass made by the manufacturer of your car, while others use aftermarket glass. There are many benefits associated with using OEM glass in your vehicle. When OEM glass is installed, the glass is designed specifically for your car by the manufacturer. It also helps to ensure all parts on your car are made by the manufacturer, which helps the resale value of your car. Always ask an auto glass installation company what type of auto glass they use when replacing your glass. 

If They Accept Insurance

If your auto insurance covers auto glass repairs, you will want to find an auto glass company that accepts auto insurance. Not every auto glass installer will accept every type of auto insurance. Always ask an installer if they accept the type of insurance you have. Some auto glass installation companies offer incentives, such as waiving your deductible, so ask about any specials they are offering as well. 


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