Glare on your windshield can make it hard to see the road and any objects that are in front of you. Glare can be created from sunlight or when the sun reflects off of an asphalt road. There are a few different things that you can do to reduce glare on your windshield, including wearing sunglasses. Another option is to have your windshield tinted. However, before your windshield can be tinted, there are a two things that may need to be done first. Here is how you can prepare your windshield to be tinted in order to reduce glare. 

Have Chips and Cracks Filled

When auto glass is tinted, a darkened piece of tinted film is applied to the auto glass. This film cannot properly adhere if there are chips and cracks that have not been filled. If chips and cracks have not been filled, the chips and cracks may be uneven or jagged. This can rip the film, cause an indent when it is laid or otherwise cause it not to lay flat against the auto glass. Having these items repaired and filled prior to having the film applied allows the film to lay flat against your glass. 

Have Your Glass Smoothed

Another step that may need to be completed before auto glass can be applied is to have your glass smoothed. As you drive, debris can fly up and hit your windshield. May pieces of debris, such as dirt, sand and road salt, can cause pitting in your auto glass. The pitting may not be deep enough to cause a chip or crack, but may still cause your auto glass to be uneven. Run your hand along the outside of your windshield. If it feels lumpy or uneven, it is likely pitted. A professional auto glass repair company can use a tool that basically sands down the glass, causing it to be smooth again.

Having your windshield tinted is one of the most effective ways to reduce glare while you are driving. Before your windshield glass can be tinted, chips and cracks must be filled and any pits must be smoothed out of the glass. Here at Only 1 Auto Glass, we can help you with all of your auto glass repairs and replacement needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your windshield repaired before it is tinted.