If you need to get an auto glass estimate for a windshield replacement, you may find that the estimate is significantly higher or lower than a quote a friend or family member received for their car. This may leave you wondering why auto glass estimates vary so much in price. Here are a few of the reasons why auto glass replacement can vary greatly in price.

The Make and Model of Vehicle Affects the Price

One of the reasons why auto glass estimate can range so greatly in price is because the make and model of the vehicle affects the price. Many people do not realize that different types of cars use different types of glass, as well as different shapes and sizes of glass. An older car may cost more when it comes to windshield replacement because it can be harder to find an older windshield for that car type. The make and model of your vehicle has the greatest influence on the amount you pay for auto glass replacement.

What Special Features Your Windshield Has

Another factor that can affect how much you pay for auto glass replacement is what special features the windshield has, or what features your car has that are connected to the windshield. If you have automatic windshield wipers, those are connected through the windshield. When the windshield is replaced, the wiring needs to be redone for this feature, driving your price up. Some windshields also have special tinting for digital displays, which can also increase the price of replacement. If you have any of these special features, you can expect to pay more for your windshield replacement.

If You Are Going Through Your Insurance Company

The last factor that will affect how much you pay for auto glass replacement is whether you go through your insurance company. If you go through your insurance company, you may only have to pay your deductible. However, you may notice the final price is much less than if you had obtained an estimate and paid out of pocket. This is because most insurance companies pre-negotiate a discounted rate based on volume. As such, you may look at this price and think that that is a standard price, when it is only the standard price for going through an insurance company.

When your windshield has been shattered, you will need to have it replaced. Contact Only 1 Auto Glass in St. Paul, MN and let us give you a quote today. We can replace a windshield in any make and model of vehicle and would love to complete your job.