When it comes to windshield repair and replacement, it’s always better to hire a certified technician to handle the job. If you or someone else does not correctly set the auto glass in the vehicle, it could create an enormous risk to drivers and passengers in the car. Therefore, if the window in your door is off track, you should contact an Only 1 Auto Glass specialist to reset it for you. Call us and set an appointment or you can come to our auto service center here in Minneapolis.


How Do Power Windows Work

To understand how a window gets off track, you first need to know how a power window works. Almost all modern vehicles come with power windows that you can raise or lower by pushing a button. Windows rely on regulators, small motors that manufacturers install inside the door to create the ‘push-and-pull’ motion to regulate the speed and direction of the window. When working correctly, this movement happens seamlessly. If the motor, the regulator, the window, or the door, become damaged, the window will get off track. Opening and closing it becomes difficult.


Why Hire a Professional Auto Glass Repair Specialist

If you are like many drivers, you may be tempted to fix the window on your own to avoid the cost of replacement parts or professional service. DIY repair, however, is often more detrimental to the door, as it puts a band-aid on the problem rather than finding a permanent solution. Failing to hire a professional auto glass repair technician could make the situation worse instead of solving the problem. Below are some possible outcomes of trying to fix the window yourself:


●        Unnecessary Repairs. Although a broken regulator could be the source of the problem, there could be a more straightforward solution such as a blown fuse or a window off track.

●        Misplaced Parts. There are several door panels pieces, regulators, and window components that make up the entire power window system. If you’ve never repaired a window, you may not know how to put it back together. You may also misplace or lose key components.

●        Broken Glass. While you reset the regulator, you or someone else will need to hold the glass away from the window frame. Doing so puts a tremendous amount of tension on the glass. If you apply too much pressure or drop the window, you could break the glass.

●        Damaged Regulator. If you have no professional training, you run the risk of either damaging the current regulator or the replacement regulator. Your mistake could cost you time and money.


Bring Your Vehicle to Only 1 Auto Glass

Save yourself the time and hassle of a DIY project and bring your broken window to Only 1 Auto Glass. We offer complete auto glass repair including windshield repair, rock chip repair, and auto glass replacement. To see a specialist today, contact us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide comprehensive service for personal and commercial vehicles in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.