If you are like most car owners, you may not know the difference between an original equipment manufacturer windshield and an aftermarket windshield. Knowing the difference can help you choose the right product for your car.


Only 1 Auto Glass offers windshield installation for both OEM products and aftermarket products. We can go over the differences between both, discuss pricing, and installation difference, as well as warranties or guarantees.


Below we cover the basics of OEM auto glass and aftermarket auto glass. If you have any further questions or want to schedule auto glass service, then contact us at 651-789-1111.

What is OEM Auto Glass?

When we install OEM auto glass, what we are referring to is the original equipment manufacturer. Auto manufacturers allow other companies to build their windshields using the exact design specifications or equipment. However, they do not allow everyone to do this. Therefore, they bid contracts out to auto glass manufacturers.


Whoever wins the bid is allowed to manufacturer the windshield and use the auto company’s name and logo on the product. The manufacturer will limit the contracts so that they can generate revenue from their products.


So, when you bring your car into our service center for a windshield replacement, and we ask you if you want OEM parts, you’ll know that the windshield is either directly from the auto manufacturer or the same product built from another company.

What is Aftermarket Auto Glass?

The same companies that make OEM windshields produce aftermarket glass. Aftermarket windshields, however, fit onto almost any vehicle but are reverse-engineered. In other words, The company disassembles and analyzes the product in detail to discover the concepts involved in the windshield to produce something similar.


They are built like the original glass. The difference is that they cannot stamp the auto manufacturer’s name on the product. Therefore, when you bring your car into our service center, and we ask you if you want an aftermarket product, then you’ll know that the part did not come from the original auto manufacturer.

The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket

Our Only 1 Auto Glass technicians select the windshield that is right for your vehicle based on five criteria:


1.      Does the product meet or exceed government and industry standards?

2.      If they are both equal in quality and design, then which one is more cost-effective?

3.      Which one do you prefer? Some car owners insist on OEM replacement parts to keep their vehicle authentic.

4.      Availability. If an OEM part is no longer available, then we have to go with aftermarket.

5.      Will your insurance company cover an aftermarket windshield?


Beyond these essential questions, the differences between OEM and OEE auto parts are minimal. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we choose products based on quality, price, and availability and then repair or replace your windshield according to manufacturer's specifications.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Minneapolis

The next time you need your windshield replaced, then we recommend coming to our service center, talking to us about pros and cons of OEM and aftermarket, and then allowing us to replace the windshield with the best product for you.


To find out more about the services and products we offer or to schedule an auto glass repair or replacement, contact us at 651-789-1111. You can also message us on our contact page.