You may have recently noticed that your car’s windshield will not roll up or down. The window could be cracked down inside the doorframe. It is difficult to diagnose the problem without taking the inside panel of the door and looking at the damaged.


The slightest chip or crack can jam the door and keep it from budging. If you continue to try to open or close the window using your power switch, you could wear the motor down. If you decide to force the window manually, you could damage the glass further or break the window frame.


Instead of taking a chance with the window, bring your car into Only 1 Auto Glass. Our skilled technicians can remove the panel and inspect the window. If the window has come off the track or if it is cracked or damaged, then we can replace it with a brand new window.


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How to Identify a Broken Side Window

Since you can’t see the side window below the framework, you may be unable to determine if the window is cracked or broken. In either case, there are signs that there is something wrong with the window.


Consider the following:


●        Do you hear a scraping noise when the window moves up or down? This could be a tiny chip that is sliding up and down the metal frame. Once the chip gets lodged between the window and the doorframe, it is almost impossible to remove it.

●        Does the window slowly stop midway while going up or down? The piece of glass may be lodged as the window moves. The glass may have gone off the track. If the frame is still in good shape, all we have to do is re-align the window. Re-aligning the window is a simple operation.

●        Does the window tilt forward or backward as it moves up or down? More than likely, you have an entire bottom piece that is completely broken off and needs to be replaced. If any part of the window is broken, we’ll need to replace it with a brand new window.


An Only 1 Auto Glass technician has the tools and the skill to remove the door and inspect the glass to identify the problem and correct it.

Why You Should Replace the Window

You may decide to ‘live with a broken window.’ After all, you have your AC or heater whenever you need it. There are two practical reasons, however, to replace the windshield in our car.


1.      First, your insurance company may cover the replacement. If your policy includes the replacement, the insurance company may pay for the replacement without charging you or raising your insurance rates. Check with your insurance company to find out their side window replacement policy.

2.      Second, the inability to open your side window is a safety issue. If your car submerged in water, or if you need to get out in other life-threatening condition, you will be unable to roll the window down. We recommend addressing the problem right away to eliminate the risk of injury or fatality inside your car. 

Auto Glass Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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