Mobile windshield repair is a service that Only 1 Auto Glass offers for car owners that are stranded on-site or would like the convenience of a technician to arrive at their home or business to repair or replace the windshield.


Mobile windshield repair offers the same features and benefits as in-house service center repair. The only difference is the technician comes to you no matter where you are located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.


To schedule service, contact us today. We’ll send a technician out to you.

Is Mobile Windshield Repair Safe?

Absolutely. While you may be a bit hesitant to contact a total stranger and ask them to come to you, mobile repair is just as safe and reliable as in-house repair.


We screen all of our employees to ensure that they maintain a high level of professionalism no matter where they work. Our technicians are friendly, courteous, and treat our customers with the highest level of respect. We carefully monitor where our technicians go and who they are with. With Only 1 Auto Glass, you are in good hands.

Is Mobile Windshield Repair More Expensive?

For a small additional fee, you can experience the same benefits of in-house windshield repair. While mobile windshield replacement may cost slightly more than service center repair work, there are times when this is your only option for a safe ride depending on your circumstances.


The cost of replacing a windshield on site will depend on where you are located, the kind of vehicle you have, and the features that are found on your windshield. You quickly discover that the additional amount is worth it if you are stranded or can’t get away from work.

Is the Quality of Windshield Repair the Same?

Absolutely! Our technicians are certified and trained to take our service on the road. They have the skill and equipment necessary to perform any windshield replacement regardless of the vehicle or where you are located.

We offer the same level of service for our mobile clients as we do for those who arrive at our service center. All windshield repairs or replacements meet or exceed industry standards, and we guarantee our work.

Will Insurance Cover Mobile Windshield Repair?

While it is impossible to determine if your insurance company will cover mobile windshield repair, the quality of work we offer on-site, it is no different than what we offer in the service center.


Therefore, if your insurance company covers glass repair, it should not matter where the repair took place. Only 1 Auto Glass works with a wide range of insurance companies. We can handle all the paperwork in a mobile setting.


Check with your insurance company to find out the details of your policy.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Windshield Repair?

There are several advantages to using our free mobile service:


●        It’s convenient. We come to you.

●        Same first-rate work as we provide in our service center.

●        You save gas, money, and time.

●        It’s safer than driving back on the road with a damaged windshield.

●        You don’t have to take off work. We’ll come to your business.

●        Our mobile service is quick and easy.

Mobile Windshield Repair Specialists

If you are stuck on the side of the road or can’t get to an auto service center, contact Only 1 Auto Glass offers mobile services to car and truck owners in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. We can repair or replace your windshield on site.


To schedule service, call us today at 651-789-1111.