Caring for your windshield starts the moment you pull out of the Only 1 Auto glass service center. Once we repair or replace your windshield, you provide simple maintenance and care that will prolong the life of the glass.


Only 1 Auto Glass offers complete windshield repair and replacement for all makes and models of cars and trucks in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. If you need service, contact us. We can restore your windshield and help you maintain its’ appearance and performance.


Below are some tips on how you can care for your windshield after repairs.

Immediately After the Repair

Your new windshield is most vulnerable within the first 48 hours after we install it. We recommend the following tips on handling your windshield or auto glass after you pull out of the service center.


●        Driving the Vehicle

Refrain from driving your vehicle for a minimum of one hour after the replacement. This allows the adhesive to dry, providing a good, strong seal.


●        Slamming the Doors

Gently close your car doors with all the windows closed for a minimum of 48 hours. Do not slam the doors. The molding and adhesive are curing and drying. If you slam a door, you may puncture the seal.


●        Keep the Dash Clutter-Free

Keep your dash clean and free of any object for 48 hours. You don’t want anything to push against the windshield and touch the wet urethane during this period.


●        Leave Adhesive Tape in Place

Leave the adhesive cures (tape) in place for 24-48 hours after the installation. The tape will ensure that the seal is in place and protected until the adhesive dries.


●        Avoid Car Washes

Avoid a high-pressure car wash for a minimum of 48 hours. The pressure of the water against a new installation can displace the moldings. Allow your windshield, adhesive and moldings the full 48 hours to become set and dry. You may hand wash your car within this time period.

Long-Term Care for Your Windshield


Car windows need to be taken care of just like all other parts of your car. Windshield maintenance requires more than just window cleaning. Sap, stone chips, and scratches make the crystal clear windows less than perfect.


Here are some tips for taking care of your new windshield long after we replace it:


●        Clean your windows inside and out with a high-quality. Clean both the inside and outside of all the windows.

●        Replace your wiper blades when you notice the first bit of loose rubber or streaks on the windshield.

●        As you drive on the highway or on less-refined gravel roads, keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you.

●        Repair rock chips right away. Doing so will prevent further damage to the windshield.

●        Avoid parking in direct sunlight is possible. Direct sunlight may weaken the glass with the heat produced, and shorten the windshield’s life.

The Windshield Warranty

Every windshield we install comes with a manufacturer and labor warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers the glass construction and design. The labor warranty covers the work we perform on the windshield.


If you do not care for your windshield, you could void either or both warranties. If you void the warranty, you may have to pay extra to have the windshield installed again. Caring for your auto glass will keep it protected under the warranty if the product is defective.

Windshield Replacement Services in Minneapolis

If you need to replace the windshield in your vehicle, contact Only 1 Auto Glass. We offer professional windshield repair and replacement on all makes and models of cars and trucks. We provide service for vehicle owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


To schedule service, call us today at 651-789-1111.