The latest string of auto-defect related incidents sounds like something out of Netflix Sci-Fi series.


And yet, it’s really happening.


Numerous reports are circulating that sunroofs are spontaneously exploding in SUVs and other automobiles that have glass overhead. A Consumer Reports investigation released in October of last year confirmed that sunroof explosions are happening every month across the country. The sudden surge of explosions has been occurring over the last five to ten years.


As auto glass repair specialists, Only 1 Auto Glass decided to give you a brief summary of what is happening and what you should do if your car’s sunroof blows into pieces.


What Causes a Sunroof to Explode?


Although researchers are still scratching their heads over what causes a sunroof to explode, there are some possible explanations.


●        Sunroofs Have Gotten Bigger

Since 2011, sunroofs have grown from six inches to twelve inches in diameter. Sports cars, sedans, and SUVs have all been equipped with larger sunroofs that cover a greater area across the roof. Although there is no hard science to back up the correlation, the number of explosions has increased as the size of the sunroof has enlarged. The number of auto glass repairs has also increased.


The main issue surrounding larger sunroofs is that there are currently no regulations governing the overall area a sunroof can take up. Thus, automakers have not felt a sense of urgency in correcting what is, at best, a perceived problem.


●        Extreme Heat

Although it would seem plausible to think that excessive heat would cause a windshield to shatter, manufacturers specifically design glass to withstand extreme temperatures. Glass is tempered and shaped to eliminate any possibility of a spontaneous explosion. In fact, the glass is designed to hold up during an impact.


If heat is causing the explosion, there’s no real evidence to support it.


●        Manufacturer Defect

Since 1995, American vehicle owners have gone to the trouble of filing at least 859 official accounts with the safety agency, with 71 percent of those incidents occurring since 2011. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has confirmed many of these complaints by filing their own reports over the last decade.


In many of these cases, the incidents are pointing to a handful of manufacturers both foreign and domestic. The reports and consistencies with the so-named manufacturers present the most viable explanation of why sunroofs are exploding.


How Are Manufacturers Responding?


Although automakers are starting to respond to the complaints, there is a growing concern within the industry that more needs to be done. Automakers should consider taking the following steps:


●        Automakers that consistently manufacture vehicles that contain exploding sunroofs should order recalls immediately.

●        State and federal lawmakers should issue more stringent regulations and conduct more in-depth investigations into why the sunroofs are exploding. There needs to be greater accountability.

●        The industry needs to come together to establish higher safety standards for sunroofs. This may include reducing their size or rethinking their design.


What You Can do if Your Sunroof Explodes


You can take action if your sunroof explodes and it causes property damage or personal injury. You may want to file a claim against the manufacturer. You may also want to visit the dealership and report the incident.


The most important action you can take is to get your car vehicles sunroof fixed right away. You may want to consider other options for replacing the glass.


Only 1 Auto Glass can help you with your sunroof repair or replacement. We offer comprehensive windshield, side glass, and sunroof restoration for all makes and models of vehicles.


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