In the state of Minnesota, it is illegal for any entity (car dealership, salvage yard, auto glass repair center, etc.) to sell you a damaged windshield. A damaged windshield would be classified as any windshield with a crack, chip, or any other blemish.

Only 1 Auto Glass offers OEM and aftermarket windshields. In either case, the windshield we place on your vehicle is new, meets industry standards, and is designed to fit your vehicle.


Although you may be able to purchase a used windshield, we do not recommend it. Below is an explanation of why. If you have any further questions or need to schedule service, please contact us today. We’re here to help.


Removing Windshields Damages the Glass


Although installing a windshield on a vehicle presents its own set of challenges, removing one is even more difficult. Windshields are designed to stay on your car permanently. Installers use sealant and adhesives that make it nearly impossible for the windshield to be removed.


Therefore, when someone attempts to remove a windshield, he or she is likely to chip it or crack it. Once the windshield is damaged, it should not be resold. You should also avoid buying a used windshield from someone who isn’t a certified technician. Therefore, you should not trust a neighbor or a good friend to do the work for you.


Your Insurance Company May Pay for a New Windshield


In the state of Minnesota, most auto insurance companies are willing to pay for your car’s windshield repair or new replacement. They will not also raise your rates for doing so. Essentially, you get free repair or replacements.


Contact your insurance provider to find out if they are willing to pay for the replacement and how much they will cover for the cost. Some providers will pay 100%, while others may only pay for a fraction.


Your Car’s Warranty May Not Cover a Used Windshield


The conditions of your car’s warranty will differ depending on the manufacturer. Some warranties will make allowance for car repairs. Others will not. For instance, your vehicle’s warranty may only cover factory parts. This means that if you buy Honda, all replacement parts have to be made from Honda whether they are original factory or OEM parts.


Therefore, a used windshield may not be covered under your car’s warranty.


Minnesota Laws Regarding Windshields


There are three laws in the state of Minnesota that are specific to used windshields:


1.      All windshields must be safety glazing material that is manufactured in such a way as to reduce the chances of shattering or flying glass if it is struck or broken.


2.      Any replacement windshield or window glass must meet the safety glass requirements to be in compliance with the windshield laws.


3.      It is illegal to drive a vehicle if the windshield is discolored or cracked in a way that limits the driver’s clear view.


If any of these three laws apply to your situation, you should not purchase a used windshield.


The bottom line: For all the reasons above, it would not be wise to purchase a used windshield. A smarter option is to replace the windshield on your car with a new windshield.



Auto Glass Service in Minneapolis


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