Driving your vehicle can be hazardous at times. You may be unaware of the hazards until an object strikes your windshield. You can avoid these, however, if you are aware that they are in front of you, beside you, or behind you.


If a hazard has damaged your windshield, bring your car to Only 1 Auto Glass. Our technicians can inspect your windshield and repair or replace the auto glass.


Below are some hazards that we recommend you steer clear of.


Driving Behind Trucks


You should always keep your distance when following a truck of any kind. Farm trucks, 18 wheelers, dump truck, or construction vehicles can accidentally throw rocks or release flying debris into the air.


Tiny rocks can cause chips or small cracks in your windshield. Larger items, however, can heavily damage your windshield or even break through. When following a truck, use the two-second rule. In other words, you should keep a two-second distance between you and a truck. We recommend a three to four-second interval.


Construction Zones


Construction areas are notorious for damaging a vehicle windshield. For instance, a jackhammer used in road construction can throw debris outward. If you happen to be driving while someone is operating heavy equipment such as a jackhammer, the debris could fly into the glass.


If you are following another vehicle in a construction zone, the back tires can throw an object into the windshield. Keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you traveling through a construction zone.


Driving Under Trees


City crews are responsible for trimming trees back and clearing foliage in public places. Home and business owners should also take care to trim their trees back. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. The consequences could be devastating to your car’s windshield.


Thankfully, your windshield can handle the impact of falling branches and debris up to a certain point. Even if you are not injured when a branch crashes into your windshield, the glass can take a heavy toll. Try to avoid driving down heavily wooded areas if possible.


Kids Playing in a Neighborhood


If you see kids playing sports close to a street, you should stop the car and back away. Although the likelihood of a baseball or football hitting your car is small, you don’t want to take that chance.


A baseball can cause a crack your windshield. Even worse, however, is that sports equipment can cause you to be distracted while you are driving. You could veer off the road to avoid being hit. A child could also run out into the street while retrieving a ball.


Heavy Fog


It’s not always easy to avoid fog while you are driving. Fog usually happens in an instant and can limit our vision. It’s during these moments that you never know what will hit your windshield.


When driving through fog, try to slow down and put your headlights on. If your driving at night, use your low beams and stay aware of what is in front of you. You may avert an accident or damage to your windshield.


Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Minneapolis


If your windshield is damaged as a result of driving through a hazardous area, contact Only 1 Auto Glass. We can repair or replace your windshield and get you back on the road. We work with insurance companies to ensure that your windshield is fixed.


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