We live in a world of unceasing innovation, and auto glass is no exception. While windshields provide structural integrity and protection for your vehicle, that won’t be all they can do if technology has anything to say about it. Vehicle manufacturers are recognizing the need for more advanced windshields and are taking steps to implement new technology. The modern windshield is set to provide next-level protection while simultaneously enhancing the driver experience.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we know the future of the modern windshield is changing, and our capabilities are changing along with it. Here’s what you can expect as technology fashions the future of the windshield.


Stronger Glass

One major development in future of the windshield is the implementation of stronger glass. Traditional windshields feature two pieces of glass sealed together outside of a thin, plastic inner layer. Though this has functioned well for decades, industry professionals believe that chemically tempered glass is a better alternative. While this type of glass is still under formulation, it stands to offer greater strength, while minimizing weight. In fact, the companies developing this glass estimate that they’ll be able to achieve a windshield just 3 millimeters thick.


Smart Windshield Displays

Many vehicles have already made use of projected windshield displays, but manufacturers are taking this technology a step further. Also known as in-glass laminated displays, smart windshields give drivers information about speed, navigation, road hazards, weather, etc. While the jury is still out on whether this advancement is beneficial or poses a safety hazard, it’s already patented and nearly ready for use. Vehicle makers hope to reduce accidents and fatalities by helping to keep drivers’ eyes on the road, not on the dash or their phones.


Auto-Dimming Glass

Numerous vehicle models already incorporate auto-dimming technology in their rearview mirrors. In the future, however, drivers may enjoy this feature as part of their windshields. This new technology allows drivers to dim specific areas of their windshield to prevent blinding glare while driving. Electrochromic panels within the windshield work to dim the regions that are likely to cause the most eyestrain, reducing bright, incoming light. 


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