A damaged windshield not only puts you and your passengers in danger, but it also comprises the value of your classic muscle car. After you’ve made both a substantial monetary and time investment in the restoration of your vehicle, you want it to look and perform flawlessly. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we know how rare your classic muscle car is. We understand your perfectionism because that is what we strive for ourselves. If you find your vintage car needs a windshield replacement, here’s what you can do:


Have Your Windshield Custom-Made

Windshields for vehicles manufactured more than 40 years ago can be hard to come by. Because auto glass for vintage cars is so difficult to find, you’ll almost always have to order a custom-made replacement. Our NGA certified technicians will measure the dimensions of your car’s windshield and order a custom fit designed specifically for your vehicle. Keep in mind that today’s standards for auto glass are much more stringent than decades ago. When you order a custom-made windshield, you get the benefit of better protection for you and your passengers.


Look For an Original Replacement

While it may be challenging to find an original replacement windshield, it’s not impossible. Depending on the model of your muscle car, some auto restoration experts may have a few in stock. Keep in mind that the cost for original vintage auto glass will be substantially more than a custom-made replacement. Vintage glass is considered an antique item and it will undoubtedly be priced accordingly. If you do find an original replacement, you can then have it shipped to your local auto glass replacement shop to have it professionally installed.


Have Your Windshield Professionally Installed

When you’re dealing with a rare, classic vehicle, only entrust it to the care of experts. At Only 1 Auto Glass, all of our technicians are certified by the National Glass Association. We stand behind our work and meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. When you’ve put so much time and effort into the restoration of your classic car, the last thing you want is an improperly installed windshield. We’ll do our best to make your auto glass replacement smooth and, so you can get back on the road and back to admiring your work of art. 


Your Windshield Replacement Experts in the Twin Cities

No matter what kind of car you have, when you need a windshield replacement, contact Only 1 Auto Glass. We specialize in auto glass replacement and repair and have 15 locations throughout the Twin Cities for your convenience. When you need friendly, expert service, we’re your go-to choice. To learn more about our services or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call. You can reach us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.